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June 2008

IATA e-freight Newsflash!

IATA e-freight completes Detailed Level Assessments, moves toward implementation

This marks a major step forward towards the project target of eight additional e-freight locations by the end of this year. Over 400 people – including airlines, freight forwarders, government customs offices and IATA staff – were involved in the Detailed Level Assessment (DLA) exercise. This is a fantastic example of a collaborative industry effort and we express our appreciation and thanks to everyone involved!

How does the IATA e-freight assessment phase work?

The first step towards becoming an IATA e-freight location is completing an assessment phase. This phase consists of two parts: the High Level Assessment (HLA) and the Detailed Level Assessment (DLA).

The High Level Assessment, completed earlier this year for over 200 countries, investigates a location’s regulatory and customs environment for air freight.

The objective of the DLA is to review the readiness of a location and its stakeholders to participate in IATA e-freight from technical, process and regulatory points of view.

If a location fails to meet the DLA criteria, an agreed action plan – depending upon the issue(s) – will be developed to close the identified gaps. These action plans are called Local Action Plans (LAPs). The Lead Airline and local stakeholders will implement these plans with the support of IATA.

Comprehensive information on the assessment process, including the methodology of both the HLA and the DLA, is available here.

The Results

As previously announced at the recently concluded IATA AGM, Germany, South Korea and Mauritius have passed the DLA and have kicked off e-freight implementation.

IATA is pleased to report that 11 additional locations have passed the DLA and are now ready for IATA e-freight implementation:

  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Dubai
  • France
  • Iceland
  • Luxembourg
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • USA

Additional locations have yet to finalise the DLA or have plans in place to meet DLA requirements. For the full DLA results, please go to the final DLA report and to the complete DLA questionnaire data.

Map the progress of e-freight around the world

IATA has now developed an e-freight interactive map. The map shows countries’ progress toward becoming IATA e-freight locations, from the assessment phase through to implementation.

What’s driving the IATA e-freight project?

Read about the benefits of the project in the latest IATA e-freight vision and mandate.

Keep up to date with project developments

At the IATA e-freight site, project news, events, and helpful materials – like detailed assessment questionnaires - are updated regularly.

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