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Thursday, January 17, 2008

IATA Notice Res. 600a / 600b
re Airwaybill Changes

As previously advised, a new IATA Resolution (600B) will come into effect on March 18th, 2008, which will result in changes to the conditions of the reverse side of the air waybill.

Whilst new stock reflecting changes is currently being produced and will be available from IATA (around mid-February), a timely reminder is given to all members who produce their own air waybills and / or use software to generate laser printed air waybills that, if they wish to mirror the new conditions, they will need to obtain the new wording from IATA, or ensure that their software provider is making the changes.

IATA have also advised that under Resolution 600a there is no requirement for colour-coded airwaybills, however some jurisdictions may still require them.

At the AFIF AGM held on November 29th, Peter McQueen of Blake Dawson, gave a brief presentation on the changes and he will soon be producing a document to be circulated to all AFIF members in regard to the main changes.

AFIF is also planning to hold some member briefing sessions in late February to further explain the new conditions, together with some other topical legal issues that will be of interest to members.

Please click here to view information from IATA in regard to this matter.

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