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Dear Air Cargo Colleague,

Welcome to this special year end edition of Tracker. Its been a challenging year!
In 2007, the following IATA Cargo targets were achieved:

  • e-freight: Implemented in 6 pilot locations.
  • Cargo 2000: Structure renewal and closer collaboration with CNS.
  • Security: Air Cargo Security Industry Forum launched.
  • CASS: A record 13 new CASS countries introduced.
  • The first IATA World Cargo Symposium: Focus on Simplicity took place in Mexico City.

IATA Cargo targets for 2008 will tackle even greater challenges:

  • e-freight: Secure the pilots and implement e-freight in 8 more locations.
  • Cargo 2000: Deliver sustainable improvements across Phase 1 & Phase 2.
  • Security: Develop the air cargo supply chain security programme.
  • Environment: Promote IATA Cargo's position with regards to air cargo and the environment, based on facts and best practices.
  • CASS: Deliver CASS Import, Export, Domestic operations in 8 more locations.
  • IATA World Cargo Symposium 2008: This year, delegates will congregate in Rome over 3 days to participate in a plenary session, 15 industry meetings and 13 Cargo tracks centred on the theme: Focus on the customer: Dialogue to deliver simplicity.

To learn more about these issues and to play an active role in meeting the above challenges, please join me at the 2nd annual IATA World Cargo Symposium in Rome, 3 6 March 2008. See below for details.

Wishing you and your family a happy and peaceful break, and a successful 2008!

Aleks Popovich
Global Head of Cargo, IATA


IATA World Cargo Symposium: Focus on the customer, Dialogue to deliver simplicity


The 2nd annual IATA World Cargo Symposium will be held in Rome, 3-6 March 2008. Centred on the theme Focus on the customer: Dialogue to deliver simplicity, this unique event will bring together key customers and operators across the entire air cargo supply chain to participate in a full day plenary session and 13 highly topical cargo tracks. Read More

IATA e-freight pilots go live!

According to plan, IATA launched six e-freight pilots on 5 November 2007. Click here to see launch ceremony photos. This significant achievement marks the beginning of air cargo simplification, and is the direct result of effective collaboration between 7 key cargo airlines, 7 freight forwarders and 9 ground handling agents. Read More

Job opportunities with the IATA e-freight team

Interested in making history?

Join the IATA e-freight team! Click here to view job opportunities on our website.

Message Improvement Programme (MIP)

Since July 2007, the IATA e-freight team has been analysing the accuracy and penetration of electronic data for the carriers and forwarders participating in MIP. So far, the main findings are as follows... Read More


ACSIF (Air Cargo Security Industry Forum) was featured prominently during the FIATA World Congress in Dubai in October. An ACSIF leadership meeting was held at which both FIATA and IATA representatives agreed the progress to date has been satisfactory and future objectives were established. Read More

CASS Expansion keeps up the pace...

Five additional countries joined the global CASS network during November 2007. Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Bangladesh were transferred into live operations. A further two operations are planned to come on-line before the end of the year. Read More

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